11 September 2006


I suppose there is a certain expectation that spiritual people, who supposedly dedicate their lives to spirituality, should perhaps be more expert in living with greater integration between thought-word-action. Unfortunately as well as Gurus sometimes turning out to be big disappointments, there are plenty of professional sadhakas who are a disgrace to their lineage. Here at Arunachala the professional sadhaka from the West is becoming a more frequent visitor - and with this upsurge of dedicated seeker, little stinkers are also beginning to turn up.

From my own experience I got cheated big-time by an American lady over a land arrangement here at Tiruvannamalai. She is a long term Sri Sathya Sai Baba devotee who has been living at Swami's Puttaparthi Ashram in Andhra Pradesh for over twenty years. So, I don't have much patience with listening to foreigners complaining about 'rogue' Indian dealers - from my own experience there are some rather dreadful foreign operators out there too!

I suppose it's like the saying, 'when a thief sees an Angel - all he notices is his pockets'. So even here at Arunachala the occasional stinker makes it through the radar - and instead of the Glory of Arunachala, all they can see is a different kind of opportunity!

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