1 September 2006


Even with all the Divine help and support we get from Arunachala, we still have that nasty man's nature to contend with. And until that is resolved and we all ascend to a higher level of consciousness, such idyllic scenes as those in the painting, will never be experienced here on earth.

Lots of money coming into Tiruvannamalai and with that comes plenty of attendant vices. However it is on record that during the Deepam period of the recent past; serious, criminal incidents are rare and exceptional. Considering that nowadays Deepam (the first night of the lighting of the flame is December 3rd) will attract over 3 million pilgrims, that is quite a commendable record. So maybe we are in fact improving!


Divyakka said...

It is indeed a great sign that serious crimes are less during such a spiritual time. But I wonder how many petty thefts (like stolen wallets/purses) are reported? My guess is less than 5%.

Arunachala Living said...

Yes, you are probably right. Bound to be lots of petty thieft going on; just too many opportunities for the naughty ones!