17 September 2006

Personal Sadhana

Such beauty, such inner magnetism, cannot be adequately explained or described. Arunachala may simply be, for some, the true inner pole of the Earth, as Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi so often asserted. Such devotional outpourings are reminiscent of the hymns of Prophet Isaiah in another context:

'Rejoice for Jerusalem and be glad for her
All you who loved her . . .
That you may suck and be satisfied
With her consoling breasts,
That you may drink deeply with delight
From the abundance of her glory.
For thus says the Lord:
Behold, I will extend prosperity to her like a river
And you shall suck, and you shall be carried upon her hip
And dandled upon her knees . . .'

One does indeed long to fill oneself, greedily and in great gulps, with the milk of loving-kindness, wisdom and enlightenment, from those stark stumpy paps of Arunachala, to be dandled upon those accommodating slopes and ravines, to allow the burdensome ego to dissolve into the bliss of its Oneness!

[Alasdair Black]

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