20 September 2006

Taiwanese Shoe Company

Growth Link, a subsidiary of Feng-Tay, a Taiwanese shoe manufacturing Company who produce Nike shoes, propose setting up a Special Economic Zone and shoe manufacturing unit at Cheyyar, Tiruvannamalai district at an investment of 300 crores Rupees (66 million USD). The Company explained its reasons for choosing Cheyyar, Tamil Nadu as: geographical location, nearby port facilities and a proactive State Government.

An area of 275 acres have been allocated for the Special Economic Zone and once developed the Company will provide employment initially to 5,000 increasing to 15,000 people in due course.

Growth Link's production is anticipated to start by the beginning of 2008. Nearly 200,000 pieces of footwear are expected to be produced per month increasing to a million pieces (per month) within the next five years.

You can get a headache trying to keep track of all the outsourcing. An American Company outsources to a Taiwanese Company who then outsources to an Indian Company; now is there anywhere we can go from here? Its kind of scary to think Indian labour is so cheap that Taiwanese Companies are outsourcing here!


Divyakka said...

Wow good point! Even Taiwan outsources here! Well hopefully the salaries will provide decent livlihood for many people. However what about the further increased pollution because of the factory? How far is Cheyyar from Tiru?

Arunachala Living said...

Cheyyar and Tiruvannamalai are the two Revenue Divisions of the Tiruvannamalai District. You can see Arunachala easily from Cheyyar - so maybe distance of about 20 kms.