12 September 2006


Been having some blimps with my computer this week and have decided to get everything sorted out in one go hence am sending this from a local email facility while my own computer is at computer hospital getting a new Windows installation.

As to news on our Arunachala website:
www.arunachalasamudra.org we should should have the colours and formatting taken care of within the month. We are not taking the site down while we redesign, so please be patient with our interesting page colours, while the work proceeds.

After the Website facelift is complete, we will continue to develop the website to include an Inspiration and Information section, and hopefully make Arunachala more accessible to people that don't have a strong Hindu connection. Advaita and Hindu mythology are beautiful, enriching and fascinating principles BUT When all is said and done, sometimes it is easier to make a connection with the Divine using ones own tradition and history as the access point. In this respect this Blog welcomes any and all questions about Arunachala.

The Arunachala Grace Newsletter will be coming out at the end of this month so if any readers wish to sign on for their free subscription, please check out the left hand margin of this Blog for the Newsletter subscription sign-up.

Am currently preparing a new montage entitled Arunachala Friends, so if all goes well with the computer update, the new montage should be posted on this Blog within the next few days.

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