4 September 2006

Very Interesting!

Over the last two months I've had verbal skirmishes with 'supposedly' enlightened or advanced sadhakas. I will relate these interesting stories soon, but for now want to write-up something I read which is amusing, not inaccurate and very relevant.

'Those who perpetuate the belief that ego transformation is enlightenment do spiritual culture a disservice. Additionally, the reverence and respect accorded enlightened beings is also undeserved because enlightenment is nothing other than a re-discovery of something that was already known.

When I wake up I don't become somebody else, I simply trade the idea of myself as a dreamer for the idea of myself as a waker. In fact, the waker and the dreamer are the same person, but seem to be separate entities because of their association with the state of consciousness in which they find themselves at the moment.

It is fashionable these days for society to congratulate formerly fat people who returned to their normal size. But rather than offer them respect shouldn't they be castigated for getting fat in the first place? Touting one's Enlightenment only calls attention to a lengthy and embarrassing stay in ignorance.' (by James Schwartz)

Thumbs Up!


jody said...

Wonderful rendering of what self-realization actually is outside of all the hype slathered on by the big-time gurus and their PR departments.

Divyakka said...

Yes, everyone should have the same opinion. Not only gurus and fake gurus, but devotees are at fault also. Even when truelly spiritual beings keep saying not to worship them, devotees insist on lavishing worship. All in their quest to bow to an outer source instead of realze their own reality.