5 October 2006


Agriculture is the main stay of the economy of Tamil Nadu. It provides livelihood to 65% of the State's population and is responsible for 62% of employment in Tamil Nadu. The total area under cultivation is 314,623 Hectares (one hectare is 2.471 acres).

The important cultivations of the Tiruvannamalai District are paddy (rice), groundnut (peanut), sugarcane and redgram. Another important feature of the district is that it has a Reserve Forest of 106,653 hectares. Items taken from the forest include Sandalwood, Eucalyptus, Bamboo and Tamarind.

The District livestock total (including Buffaloes, sheep and goats) is about 1.6 million and Tiruvannamalai District is a State leader in milk production.

The photograph above is of my neighbour's farming land which is used in crop rotation: rice, groundnuts (peanuts), root vegetables, sugarcane and sunflowers. The dog in the middle of the field is mine: that's no vegetable!


Divyakka said...

And isn't it true that most crops are dependent heavily, if not entirely, on a good rainy season? There were pumps in the fields I lived by, but if there were no decent rains, the ground water would get too low and there would not be enough water even in the pumps.

Arunachala Living said...

Its absolutely true.

There is already a water shortage here at Arunachala so why do farmers get subsidised to grow rice - which needs so much water?