14 October 2006

Base Map

Tiruvannamalai, which is 13.64sq km and southwest of Chennai (previously known as Madras), attracts visitors and pilgrims in their hundred thousands every full moon day. As the town is the only urban centre in the region of a radius of 25km and the major trade centre for 50 villages, there is a tremendous strain on the town's infrastructure particularly during Full Moon and Festivals.

An urban renewal plan for Tiruvannamalai has been planned as intervention in the problems being experienced due to the huge influx of visitors. Part of the physical intervention plan to improve the Town's infrastructure, has been to create a Base Map of Tiruvannamalai showing all existing features and contour levels.

Tiruvannamalai Municipality doesn't have an authentic town Base Map with land details. For implementation and maintenance of service projects the knowledge of the town topography is a necessity. For this reason a Base Map for the town showing all natural and manmade features is being prepared using IKNOS, satellite imagery and ground surveys which when complete will serve as the basis for all future engineering works in Tiruvannamalai.

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