17 October 2006

Polling Over

The second phase of Tiruvannamalai Revenue Division local polling was successfully completed on Sunday, October 15th. According to preliminary estimates around 70% of polling was registered in Villages, 75% in Town Panchayats and approximately 80% in the three Municipalities that went for polling in the second phase.

In the second phase, elections were held in three Municipalities; Arni, Cheyyar and Vandavasi, three town panchayats; including, Kannamangalam, Desur and Peranamallur and in eight panchayat unions; Anakkavur, Arni, Cheyyar, Peranamallur, Thellar, Vandavasi, Vembakkam and West Arni.

The first phase of polling held on Friday, 13 October was for Tiruvannamalai Municipality and 10 Town Panchayats; including Chengam, Chetpet, Kalambur, Kilpennathur, Polur, Pudupalayam and Vettavalam and 10 Panchayat Unions; Tiruvannamalai, Chengam, Chetpet, Jawadu hills, Kalasapakkam, Kilpennathur, Polur, Pudupalayam, Thandarampattu and Thurinjapuram.

Turnout for the first phase was estimated to have exceeded 70 percent in Tiruvannamalai District with a respectable 64% poll percentage in Tiruvannamalai Muncipality.

Barring some sporadic incidents, no untoward events were reported in the entire District during either of the polling phases. Considering how volatile local polling is in other parts of India, the whole process was marked with very high turnouts and also with a remarkable absence of controversy.

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