28 October 2006


This is a really nice looking group of Sadhus; a lot of character and colour there for sure! In this photograph the sadhus are sitting on a bench on the outer pradakshina path. Going around the Hill on any day you will meet a great assortment of sadhus, itinerants and stall wallahs.

I remember when I first came to Arunachala, it was impossible to even get a glass of water till you arrived in town on the other side of the Hill; well, that has certainly changed! Nowadays there is a huge range of shops and stores from which to buy fruit, biscuits, eatables, snacks and hot and cold beverages.

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Divyakka said...

I imagine the wonderful camaraderie of the sadhus as they meet for the first time, share tidbits of their lives and engage in deep philosophical conversations.