2 October 2006

Stone Carver

Here is a picture of a stone carver. As you can see he is very talented; as they all are. Many either have a stall by the side of the road or by the pathway leading to Skandashram.

I don't understand why but sometimes it seems Westerners have a mental block when it comes to these carvers and prefer to purchase the identical item in a shop at three times the price. For myself, it seems what they produce is in no way inferior to similar items in the speciality shops. The carvers will make statues to order and all are beautiful. Fascinating to watch them, day by day, sitting on a bench next to their stall, chipping and hammering away.


Divyakka said...

Yes, visitors should support the roadside businesses. It is a great way to directly help the people, and get a beautiful bargain too!

Arunachala Living said...

Yes, and we have some really talented artisans who work roadside and also on the path going up to the caves on the south slope of the Hill.