17 November 2006

Agni Tank

The repair and renovation of Water Bodies is an important part of the urban renewal plan for Tiruvannamalai, because:

"The number of water bodies considered to be holy, apart from having been useful to maintain the water table in the town till some years back, are now being completely polluted with mixing of sullage and sewage, besides being misused. In many of the tanks, major portion is encroached and water containment has become very much limited, which has resulted in constant depletion of ground water, apart from polluting the air, land and ground water. The soil erosion in the hills has resulted in silting and damage of the drainage network system, and in many of the roads, the drains are filled with silt and are completely choked."

On September 24 I took pictures of the renovation work going on at the Agni Tank on Chengam Road.

The renovation and repair work is now complete and here is a wonderful picture of a water tank full of clean water.

One local lady is busy washing clothes; hope she is using ecologically friendly soap!

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