10 November 2006

Ashta Vasus

Sri Ramana Maharshi said:

'The Purana says that the Ashta Vasus having flattered themselves in Brahma's presence lost all their worth, and to regain it they came and did penance here all around Arunachala. They were given darshan by Siva at one and the same time by Siva assuming eight faces in this Hill. All those eight Vasus are still in the shape of eight spurs round this Hill.

What is meant by saying all those Vasus are still here as hills and doing penance round this holy hill, it is difficult to understand. Does it only mean that they are living on these hills and doing penance, or are they themselves these hills? It is difficult now for us to locate where the Ashta Dikpalakas actually stood sentry, whether at the spots where the Ashta Lingams are now found or whether the Lingams are those which were installed and worshipped by them.'

The Vasus are attendant deities and the eight elemental Gods representing aspects of nature and cosmic natural phenomenon. The name Vasu means 'Dweller' or 'Dwelling' and Ashta means eight

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