10 November 2006

Land Distribution

The State Government has given their approval to the Municipality to upgrade and distribute 62.52 acres of land worth Rs.50 Lakhs (US$112,000) to 28 women belonging to depressed Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes in Tiruvannamalai District during the current fiscal year. Beneficiaries of the land will include 26 ladies from Scheduled Caste and two from Scheduled Tribes.

The term "Scheduled Tribes" refers to specific indigenous people whose status is acknowledged to some formal degree by appropriate national and state legislation. A collective term in use locally to describe most of these peoples is "Adivasi".

The State Government intends releasing Rs.24 Lakhs as subsidy under the Chief Minister's special scheme of distributing lands to women for Scheduled Castes and Tribes. The fund will be routed through the Tamil Nadu Housing and Urban Development Corporation.

The balance of the money for the programme is to be arranged as bank loans in the name of the individual beneficiaries.

The office of the Collector have annoucned that those who wish to apply for land under the scheme can contact either the District Manager of the Municipal Corporation or Extension Officer (SC Welfare) of their respective Panchayat Unions.

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