11 November 2006

Multi-mode Approach

Paul Devereux who is regarded as one of the world's leading authority on the geophysical aspects of sacred sites, comments that:

'When a person visits a ceremonial monument, is it their intellect, their five senses, their intuition, or the electromagnetic fields around their bodies that perceive the place? . . . One may individually respond in a limited set of ways to a site, but it is crucial to know that one's preferred reactions are only part of a network of knowing that is involved in a more complete description of the place'.

Devereux calls for a 'multi-mode' approach to the sites -that is by experiencing the sites from the vantage points of both knowing and feeling, both mind and heart. Knowing means having an intellectual and factual knowledge of such things as the mythology, archaeology, history, geology, astronomy and geomancy of a site. Feeling means the practiced ability to intuitively tune into and sense the presence of a site.

Ancients who discovered power places and erected ceremonial structures were most certainly interacting with the sites on both feeling and knowing levels. We must likewise employ both lines of inquiry; feeling and knowing, in order to tap into that wisdom and power.

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