10 November 2006


On Wednesday, November 8th, approximately 74 people sustained injuries when a minibus in which they were travelling skidded and overturned on Tuesday.

The minibus was heading toward Tiruvannamalai from Paavupattu village. When near nearing Vignesh Polytechnic near Mel Puthiyandhal village (just outside Tiruvannamalai) the driver lost control of his vehicle and it slid sideways into the roadside shoulder and overturned.

All 74 passengers on the overcrowded vehicle sustained injuries and were rushed to the Tiruvannamalai Government Hospital, where 60 of them were admitted as in-patients. The other 14, (with minor injuries) were treated as outpatients. The incident is being investigated by authorities.

It is obvious to everybody in Tiruvannamalai that many vehicles are either flouting regulations regarding safety, recommended passenger numbers or environmental regulations regarding vehicle maintenance and excessive use of the horn whilst driving. The above difficulties are compounded by drivers who are either unskilled or too inexperienced to be driving passenger vehicles specially in dark and hazardous conditions.

About 8 kms of Chengam Road; which as well as being the main thoroughfare from Bangalore is also part of the pradakshina road around Arunachala, is notorious for driving incidents of speeding and noise pollution. This problem must be addressed!


Divyakka said...

Sounds like the same problem omnipresent in all of India.

Arunachala Living said...

And its getting worse as more people are able to afford 'wheels' nowadays. India already has one of the highest road casualty figures in world.