27 November 2006

Veterinary Clinic

The new Veterinary Clinic in Tiruvannamalai is expected to open either on the 7th or 14th of December. In the first year only sterilization operations on female dogs will be performed; later operations on male dogs will also be undertaken. The capacity of the Clinic will be limited to 75-100 operations a month and all female dogs will spend several days recuperating at the facility after their operation.

Different procedures will be undertaken at the Veterinary Hospital but primarily it will used to manage the animal population of the Tiruvannamalai area by offering (often free) neutering operations to cats and dogs.

This venture is regarded as the 'Tiruvannamalai Project' of the Karuna Animal Shelter of Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh. Karuna Animal Shelter will be sending one of their own trained veterinary doctors to Tiruvannamalai to oversee operations. A veterinary doctor from Holland will be arriving shortly at Tiruvannamalai to take up a position at the Clinic.

So far the costs involved in setting up this facility have come to Rs.8.5 Lakhs (U.S.$19,000) for building and renovation work and Rs.2.5 Lakhs (U.S.$5,600) for equipment. The operating costs of the Clinic are expected to work out at Rs.100,000 (U.S.$2,250) a month; Rs.65,000 (U.S.$1,500) in real terms [taking into account a Rs.35,000 (U.S.$790) p.m. subsidy the Clinic will be receiving].


Divyakka said...

Actually the full name of the shelter in Puttaparthi is "Karuna Society for Animals and Nature," and all used to refer to it as "Karuna Society" for short.

It seems like it is a popular name though, and we came to know about several other "Karuna Society" NGOs in other parts of India, including in Bangalore!

Arunachala Living said...

Yes, well Karuna means compassion - so that would account for the popularity of the name.

Whatever the name lets hope the Society can help these poor little female dogs that have litter after litter and as a result have a wretched quality of life and also give an equally miserable existence to their pups. Poor things.