17 November 2006

Visit to Rangammal

Some weeks ago I went to visit Sylvia Wright the Founder Director of Rangammal Memorial Rehabilitation Society at the Society's Hospital, the Ramana Maharshi Rangammal Hospital I was most impressed by the Society's level of dedication and service in the Tiruvannamalai District.

Very often the worthiest causes go unnoticed because the people in them are too busy 'serving' and don't have extra time to play politicals or go about promoting their work. I certainly plan giving their worthy Organisation lots of oxygen through my developing Arunachala information network, which currently comprises:

Arunachala Grace News: monthly ezine Newsletter
Authorship of:

The President of Rangammal Memorial Rehabilitation Society, Mr.N.Vijayan and I will work together to develop a dedicated section on the website
www.arunachalasamudra.org on their Organisation and comprehensive information on The Rangammal Memorial Rehabilitation Society should be available through our Arunachala network within the next few months.

Their Society currently comprises the following:

Ramana Maharshi Rangammal Hospital
Rangammal Memorial Higher Secondary School for the Hearing Impaired
Vasavi Industrial School
Rangammal Memorial Teacher Training School for Hearing Impaired
Rangammal Memorial Day Care Centre for the Mentally Retarded and Cerebral Palsy
Outreach Community Programme
Village Clinics
RSVY Programme
Pension Scheme Programme

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