18 December 2006

Andhra Red Rose

A major part of rose cultivation has been limited to Hill Stations and other places having a cool climate, however a rose variety called Andhra red rose is becoming popular with farmers in Tiruvannamalai. There is a demand for more of such flowers, particularly those that are grown organically.

Fresh flowers are mainly used to make garlands and market value products such as rose water, attar and other perfumery materials. Organically grown flowers have a longer shelf life and retain their freshness for more than a day after being plucked, compared to flowers grown chemically.

The flowers come in three different colours; dark red, light pink and white, but farmers mainly prefer the dark red and pink colours for cultivation. The ideal season for growing this variety, mainly propagated through stem cuttings, is April-May.


Divyakka said...

Beautiful flower!

Arunachala Living said...

They need lots of flowers in this area - what with all the Temples and pujas.