24 December 2006

Cows for the Blind

An NGO (Non Governmental Organisation) which has been working for the uplift of blind people, has come up with a scheme entitled 'Nethradhenu' that would lend a helping hand to the visually impaired. The project, introduced six months ago, has members from Tamil Nadu Districts including Tiruvannamalai and is based on a Government scheme created to help elderly people in villages. In the case of 'Nethradhenu', the beneficiaries are visually-impaired illiterates in their 40's who are dependent on others. Under the scheme a Jersey cow and calf is given free of cost to a visually impaired recipient. The cow will be insured and it's milk will be procured by a private milk company.


Divyakka said...

It's a noble gesture. I knew of many people who lived off the wealth of their milk-providing cows.

Arunachala Living said...

The person who is running the scheme has started it up by himself. A very nice idea too!