30 December 2006

Driving Licences

Officials recently warned that stern action would be taken against people found possessing fake driving licence reportedly being fraudulently prepared by some computer centres.

Regional Transport Offices have been issuing driving licence in a particular format since 1996 and each Regional Transport Office (with a distinct jurisdiction), has a unique code number, which should be on the driving licence.

Holograms on licences should contain three English letters followed by a four digit number. The symbol of the Tamil Nadu Government is perceptible when the licence is looked at either downward or upward, thereby making it possible to identify original licences provided by the Transport Department.

In my opinion, the crucial matter is not driving licences but peoples' observance of the 'rules of the road'. The death and accident rate in all parts of India is horrific; for the reason that no-one obeys traffic regulations! In some strange way I believe legislators will always be shy of implementing the draconian regulations needed to bring greater road safety, because somehow they feel it would be impinging on letting people 'do their own thing'.

Perhaps the only way the road culture will ever change is if petrol becomes too expensive and people are forced back to bicyles and oxen drawn carts!


Divyakka said...

Traffic regulations? I didn't know India had any! Actually, does the transport department print/give out any driving manuals or rules to prospective drivers? I know in USA, they have beautiful booklets with the very detailed rules and regulations.

Arunachala Living said...

I doubt booklets are distributed by the Transport Department in such a small place as Tiruvannamalai. I was sort of surprised that they were even making such a furore about licenses - as if anyone can drive anyway! Not such a joke - check out the truck and bus drivers!