21 December 2006

New Time

There is a story in the Puranas where the male aspect of the Divine i.e. Shiva merges with the shakthi aspect i.e. Parvati, and combines to create the new form of Ardhanareeswara. This is symbolic of the Divine manifesting in the totality of every aspect of the male-female principles i.e. consciousness-energy.

It is believed certain power places affect men more strongly while women resonate with others. The different energetic characteristics of Arunachala were recognized by the ancients, and this knowledge was encoded metaphorically into the myths and legends told about it. In this respect my own experience is Arunachala has been very much a male power site in most of its mythology and history.

Now things are changing and a more distinctly female ambiance is beginning to permeate Arunachala. Shakti (Mother) Temples are opening, huge crowds of fervent pradakshina pilgrims come to Arunachala each full moon, there is focus on reforestation and ecological nurturing of the Hill, female saints are setting up their stalls at Arunachala and also there is the arrival of a different sort of pilgrim. As well as the previous intellectual attracted to core advaitic disciplines there is now the arrival of earth types; mystics, shamans, healers and psychics.

The effects of Arunachala can either begin while one is here or may manifest weeks after one has departed. It bodes very well as now a different type of energy is coming to town and people will be thereby influenced in many new extraordinary ways.

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