24 December 2006

Newsletter, Jan 2007

Arunachala Grace News, January 2007, is being sent out this week. The newsletter is completely free and is sent directly to your inbox. This month there is a report from Apeetha Arunagiri of the Arunachala Kattu Siva Plantation, a narrative from Govinda Bowley of the Mountain of Medicine about the Hill Fire on Arunachala during this year's Maha Deepam on December 3rd. We have news of the innovative work being done at the 'Singing Heart Ashram', a 'Tidbit Section' including a round-up of the latest news at Tiruvannamalai, information about the upcoming January visit of Swami Nithyanananda and also, reports on the herbs of Arunachala, poems and a wonderful satirical report on local 'building regulations'.

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