3 December 2006

Toll collections

Devotees from Krishnagiri District have asked that stern action be taken on persons involved in illegal vehicle toll collections, the day of Karthigai Deepam festival.

Every year, crowds of people from various parts of the country throng Tiruvannamalai on the eve of Deepam festival, to be celebrated today, December 3rd.

It was estimated that around 100,000 from Krishnagiri, Dharmapuri and Salem Districts attended Deepam Festival last year. All of whom have to pass through Krishnagiri, Bargur, Uthangarai and Chengam to reach Tiruvannamalai.

Devotees from Krishnagiri complained that unscrupulous people collect illegal toll from vehicles entering Tiruvannamalai from Krishnagiri District every year. Unauthorised people stop private vehicles anywhere between Chengam and Tiruvannamalai and collect Rs.50/- to Rs.150/- (U.S.$1.20-$3.50) per vehicle. Sometimes, they also collect money from vehicles parked at the entrance of Tiruvannamalai without issuing proper receipts.

It was understood that these offenders manage to collect around Rs 20 Lakhs (U.S.$45,000) by this illegal collection every year. Devotees from Krishnagiri District have contacted Municipal representatives of Tiruvannamalai District in this connection and have asked them to prevent illegal toll collections from vehicles this day Sunday (December 3rd).


Divyakka said...

How awful - they have no shame whatsoever! And what can the poor commuting people do - it is either pay up or be fearful of what may happen to them if they don't!

Arunachala Living said...

Yes, but didn't they do well - 20 Lakhs is really BIG money! Now if they were as equally enterprising in starting up a legitimate endeavour - imagine how well they would do? Richard Branson look out you've got competition!