9 December 2006

Transformer Failure

The prolonged failure of an electric transformer at Vedanthavadi village, Tiruvannamalai District, has left around 200 acres of paddy and peanut crops to wilt as irrigation motors have came to a halt for the last two months.

The transformer, which feeds power to irrigation pumps in the village, developed a snag two months ago and since then power supply remained disrupted resulting in crops withering without water, said villagers.

When village members contacted the Electricity Board, they were told that it would take another 15 days for the transformer to get repaired. Since there is no power supply in the line to the pumps, burglars have been stealing the electric cables.

This sad story is very much a throw-back to yesteryear. My own experience is that the infrastructure in this area has improved immensely. However, one does get isolated rural pockets that perhaps have (thus far) not benefited as much as their urban brethern. Overall things are getting better here and perhaps worse in more developed countries. We are certainly experiencing changing times as it seems like even Western countries are no longer able to rely on the effective working of their own infrastructure.


Divyakka said...

How tragically frustrating for all involved! The repairs should have been completed within days, not months!

Arunachala Living said...

Well the electricity grid is different for Tiruvannamalai outlying areas, so it is more old fashioned and not as well maintained.