17 January 2007

AKSP Website

A good friend of Arunachala and someone very central in the Reforestation work of the Hill, is Apeetha Arunagiri. She has recently redesigned and enlarged her excellent website. Do please visit www.aksp.org for some fascinating in-depth information about social ecology, indigenous knowledge, primary healthcare, community participation and ongoing reforestation work being undertaken by the Arunachala Kadu Siva Plantation (AKSP) Organsation she is Co-Ordinating.

The Arunachala Kadu Siva Plantation has taken responsibility for 600 hectares of denuded Reserve Forest on the lower slopes of the mountain. The thrust of the project is social ecology. Fourteen rural persons are engaged in water conservation strategies, bunding and check dams, seed collection, nursery work and plantation, maintenance and protection of saplings on the slopes.

The primary objective of the Greening of Arunachala is the rejuvenation of our artesian system. However the Arunachala Kadu Siva Plantation has a wider social ecological import:

To undertake responsibility for solutions to civic needs
To participate in the making of decisions about these solutions
To utilize and regenerate indigenous knowledge
To follow through the work beyond the call of duty and communicate about its meaning on every opportunity with members of their own villages and in the wider community.


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