12 January 2007

Animal Programme

The Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme, aimed at controlling stray dog population, has started in Tiruvannamalai District with the opening of the Animal Care Centre on the Chengam Road named Karuna Society for Animals and Nature. The Centre will perform sterilisation surgery on dogs and provide post-operative care.

Tiruvannamalai Municipality, which is the first Municipality in the State to implement such a programme, as partner in the endeavour would send stray dogs to the Centre. The President and Founder of Karuna Society, Clementien Paus, said they had been implementing the ABC programme in Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh, for several years, and now; "Now there are no puppies. Only adult dogs can be seen in Puttaparthi."

Maneka Gandhi, honorary president of the Karuna Society, had sent a message hailing the move.

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