3 January 2007

Health Care

Animal Centre

An animal health centre was inaugurated this week at Pazhayanur village in Tiruvannamalai District. The centre was specifically opened in response to the large sheep population in Pazhayanur and its neighbouring villages. Treatment, immunisation, and deworming is to be done at the facility.


Medical camps

As many as 300 medical camps would be organised in Tiruvannamalai District within the next two years under the Varumun Kappom Scheme. The scheme which was recently launched at Thandarampattu Village this week would be part of a network of camps able to serve 5,000 people in rural areas and 50,000 in urban areas.

The Government has committed to provide Rs.500,000/- (US$ 12,000) to each District Headquarter Hospital as annual maintenance cost and Rs.75,000/- (US$1,700/-) to each primary health centre. The upgrade of 75 health sub-centres have also been sanctioned (2 in Tiruvannamalai District) to Primary Health Centres.

The State Varumun Kappom Scheme, would provide such diagnostic equipment as semi-auto analyzers and ultra sonogram at medical health camps. The authorities have been urged to upgrade the quality of treatment at Government hospitals in Tamil Nadu to match those provided in the neighbouring state of Kerala.


Divyakka said...

We actually need such health care camps in the USA, where something like 40% of the population (including moi!) do not have any medical or dental insurance - and cannot afford emergency situations. Assistance usually is only given to the desperately poor, who HAVE SMALL CHILDREN, otherwise not.

Arunachala Living said...

Travelling camps and/or van camps are a great idea. And can work in any country. But by and large there is not much in the way of a social service net in this country.

Traditionally the family used to look after ageing and sick members - but now lots of things are changing and even 'old age homes' are starting up in India. Would never have seen those before - a family would have been ashamed to have sent off their old Mum or Dad to a Home!