8 January 2007

Local Projects

A State Minister recently laid the foundation stone for a boat house at Thamarai Kulam Tank in Tiruvannamalai, as part of a Rs.75 Lakh (US$170,000) facelift to the Water Tank.

I don't know the history of this particular tank. From what I understand it is not regarded as a sacred tirtham but is connected with the history of rulers and monarchs of the area. In this respect the Tank has two Manadapams (small ceremonial halls)on the tank edge.

As well as the boat house, work was also inaugurated at Tiruvannamalai Bus Stand in an important renovation project which is estimated will cost Rs.38 Lakh (US$85,000). Both projects are to be implemented under tourism development schemes.

The Tamil Nadu Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation has given its consent for the implementation of 40 other projects which were previously proposed by Tiruvannamalai Municipality. In this respect the Corporation's contribution to the implementation of the projects will be Rs.1.12 (US$251,100) and the cost to the Municipality will come to Rs.12 Lakh (US$27,000).

As well as the above announcements, the Minister called upon the newly elected Municipal officials to raise the status of Tiruvannamalai Municipality and make it the 'cleanest municipality in the Nation'!

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