8 January 2007

Magnetic Mountain

'There is a magnetic mountain which attracts all living beings. The moment one thinks of it, it controls the actions of all beings who think of it and attracts them towards itself. Not only it attracts to itself but makes them motionless. How wondrous is the power of this magnetic mountain which takes such sacrifices.'
[Arunagiri Yogi Viyayathe]

'Arunachala is the most sacred holy place of all. It is the heart of the world. Know it to be the secret and sacred heart-centre of the God Shiva. Meditate then that in the Heart of Arunachala surges the spirit glory, within which is contained all the worlds. I ordain that residence within a circle of thirty miles of this Mountain shall alone suffice to burn off all defects and blend a person with the Supreme Spirit.'
[The Skanda Purana]

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