12 January 2007

Nithyananda Birthstar

Today, January 12th, Swami Nithyananda is currently at Tiruvannamalai celebrating his 30th birthstar celebrations. In this respect a large function has been arranged in town for this evening during which he is expected to give a speech as part of the celebration.

Nithyananda was born in Tiruvannamalai on January 1, 1978. It is reported that he evinced an interest in spirituality from a young age and after enduring years of penance, at the age of 22 years experienced the final flowering of consciousness.

He says of Arunachala:

"Arunachala is a spiritual incubator . . . This does not mean that every one born in Tiruvannamalai in the neighbourhood of Arunachala is an incarnation or is bound to be enlightened. Far from it. Ramakrishna says:

'dozens of flies crowd around a cow and drink its blood; it is only the calf that comes in perhaps twice a day that goes straight to its mother's udder to drink milk.'

It is likely that most of those who are born and live around the Arunachala are the flies; the calves who come to imbibe the milk of spirituality are precious few."

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