18 January 2007

Parvathamalai Hill

"The Siddhas have spoken volumes about Pancha Nathana Nataraja. They say that this deity is such a rarity in the Universe that even the Devas would give anything just for the chance of worshipping him. They say that on the Nataraja Abisheka days which occur in certain Tamil months (Chitra, Aani, Aavani, Purattaasi, Margazhi and Maasi), the Devas perform their worship to this deity in subtle form. This kind of worship is similar to the sookshma worship done by the Devas at the peak of the Arunachala Hill and on the Parvathamalai Hill."

Parvathamalai is part of the Javadhi hills and located 25 km north of Tiruvannamalai. You can get there by taking a car or bus from Tiruvannamalai to Kadaladi, from where you can undertake the trek. Alternatively you can go Thenmadhimangalam village (which is about 20 kms from Polur), which provides another route to the top. Although less bumpy the Thenmadhimangalam route is longer.

Works relating to a Rs.8,000,000/- (U.S.$181,200) tourism infrastructure development for Parvathamalai hill in Tiruvannamalai District has now been completed.

This upgrade includes: providing Black topping to Parvathamali Road, construction of a waiting shed at Pachiamman Temple, Parvathamalai, formation of foot-path with hand rails from Pachaiamman Temple to Veerapathiran Temple, construction of restroom complex for men and women, formation of foot-path with hand rails from Veerapathiran Temple to Parvathamalai Hill, providing steps at Parvathamalai Temple pathway, providing water supply to the top of the Hill Mandapam and providing electric poles with lights on pathway.

It is becoming increasingly popular for pilgrims and tourists to trek up the Parvathamalai Hill on a full moon day/night.

The arduous walk can take up to a total of 10 hours, starting through the hill forest and finishing up with a final sharp ascent of about 3,000 feet to reach the Hill top.

Nandi facing the Lingam at
doorway of inner shrine.

As well as some other structures, there is also a very powerful Shiva temple at the top of Parvathamalai Hill, and it is believed that Devas, Siddhas and spiritual beings from other worlds worship on the top of the Hill every night. The above is a photograph of the entrance to the Temple.

Shiva Lingam at Parvathamalai Temple
ontop of Hill


Boneapart said...

Good one sir

mani said...

Nice article. More details on the route will be better

arunkarthick said...

paruvadhamalai is the god's own place. very very powerful god. everyone must visit this place atleast once in there life.for more details contact arunkarthick 9940317341

Anonymous said...

I visited Parvathamalai on 15-12-12. I climbed up via kadaladi and returned via madimangalam with my son and friends. I am aged 58 and my weight is 93Kg. I not faced any problem. No I feel very healthy. Really a very nice trip and very nice place.
(C.Ambujakshan Nair)

Anonymous said...

i went for parvathamalai on 18.7.14.We started to climb at 4:15 PM and reached top at shiva temple at 7.30 PM.It was the first time 4 me nd it was really challenging to climb as im overweight. but my stamina was gud nd it was a gud workout 4 ur body climbing the hills.peacefully worshipped lord siva nd parvathy at top.Serene place and one must be careful while climbing each step. For details contact Vagesh 9444938733