12 January 2007


This is a photograph of Pavalakunru Temple, the site of which is famous since ancient times, as the place Goddess Parvati performed her penance when she came to Arunachala. Although the Temple is famous it is one that is infrequently visited, probably due to its rather hidden access located in the busy downtown area of Tiruvannamalai.

Of the current Temple incarnation, Sri Ramana Maharshi remarked that whatever Temple may have originally existed at Pavalakunru has now disappeared, (probably on account of the invasion of the famous Tippu Sultan) and that the present Pavalakunru Temple was built at the end of the 19th century. In the above photograph the Temple looks resplendent because an extensive renovation programme was recently completed.

Ramana once discovered the remains of an old cannon (which was carried away by the Government and kept as a relic) between Pavalakunru and the northern wall of the Big Temple. It is believed that Tippu Sultan placed cannons near Pavalakunru and attacked the northern wall of the Temple which was then utilised as a fort. The north wall of Arunachaleswarar Temple still bears traces of cannon shots.

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