30 January 2007

Pradakshina Days

Walking around Arunachala on particular days of the 7-day week is reputed to bring different benefits. It is beneficial doing giripradakshina (walking clockwise around the Hill i.e. 14 kms) anytime, however it is thought to be even more beneficial to walk around Arunachala during Full Moon, especially if the Full Moon falls on a Monday:

What each day means for performing pradakshina:

The day of the Sun. The Sun rules the life force and physical body. Doing pradakshina on Sunday is beneficial for gathering the forces of Light.

The day of the Moon (Chandra) and doing pradakshina is particularly helpful if one wishes to start a new project, whatever it may be. It will also help the person attain a high elevation and rid themselves of fears of death.

The day of Mars, which rules self expression and personality. Pradakshina on Tuesday is good if one requires answers to personal questions. One will also be relieved of all kinds of debts and enjoy Imperial powers.

Mercury is the planet of commerce and communication and a good day for Pradakshina for the thinker and communicator. As a result of going around Arunachala on Wednesday, the person will become highly knowledgeable.

The day is ruled by Jupiter, the Guru Planet. Walking around Arunachala on Thursday is beneficial to promote harmonious situations and relationships. Also auspicious day for connecting with ones teacher and guide.

Venus and Love rules Friday. Friday is an auspicious day for all matters related to love, marriage and attraction. It is also a good day if a person wishes to acquire wealth.

Saturn rules Saturday and rules our philosophies, growth and recognition. Doing pradakshina on Saturday will help lead one to greater understanding and enlightenment. Walking around the mountain on Saturday will inspire a person to become a great conqueror.

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