29 January 2007


Orphanage Unrest
Three inmates of Anbu Illam, the orphanage functioning inside the Annamalaiyar Temple were recently attacked by a Temple worker. The worker who was drunk attacked three children aged between 12-13 who study at a local school, on the excuse that they did not obey the orders of the school's female cook. After the incident, the relatives of the children took them away to their villages. The worker has been suspended from service.

According to sources, conditions inside the Illam are bad because inmates are forced to do their own maintenance work,including; preparing vegetables, cleaning utensils and scrubbing floors. Conditions are chaotic as there is no-one to take care of residents in case of illness and problems are created by beggars inside the Temple using orphanage toilets and quarrelling with residents.

Embroidery Work
Women, who underwent a free embroidery training programme on silk sarees, have received their first work assignments. The work entails embroidery on cotton saris, which will be exported to Nigeria.

As the first training programme was so successful, an NGO association, RWCDS, has started another free training programme.

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