20 January 2007

Water Shortage

As the storage level of the Sathanur reservoir, built across the river Then Pennaiyar, is low, 45,000 acres of land in Tiruvannamalai and Villupuram Districts, fed by the right and the left bank canals of the reservoir, will not get water for irrigation this year. In this respect it has been decided to release water to only 89 irrigation tanks connected to the right and left bank canals.

The District Administration has decided to recommend to the Government to open the sluices of the dam on February 15 and release 200 cusecs (cubic feet per second) of water for 24 days.

Currently there is 3,351 million cubic feet (mcft) water in the dam against its capacity of 6,821 mcft. So, after deducting water required for basic operations and drinking needs, only 849.94 mcft will be available for irrigation, which would be only enough to fill 49 irrigation tanks fed by the right bank canals and the 40 tanks fed by the left bank canals.

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