24 February 2007

Hotel Arunai Anantha

Don't like eating out much, much prefer to eat at home, but was invited to lunch at Arunai Anantha by a dear friend who is about to move North. I brought my camera to snap the garden and landscaping

The Hotel is a favoured venue for overseas Retreat groups as it has specially designated 'quiet areas' for the various functions and activities of Retreat groups. Now that Ramana Nagar and the area surrounding Ramana Ashram and Seshadri Ashram have become so cluttered and noisy, a lot of folk who would have otherwise preferred to stay near the major ashrams, are now deciding to choose the quiet of the outlying countryside. In this respect there are several ashrams and centres scattered around the Arunachala area.

And here is their pool with an absolute perfect darshan of Arunachala. The pool has been kept intentionally uncluttered so as to not interfere with the spectacular view of the Hill.

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Divyakka said...

Gorgeous! Have you gone swimming in the pool yet?

**SIGH** to again live in a country where instead of glass windows, there is hanging bamboo and sunny skies outside…