17 March 2007

TB Control

To control the impact of TB in Tamil Nadu, effective measures have been taken by the Government through Designated Medical Centres. After inspecting the performance of TB control units in; Tiruvannamalai, Dharmapuri, Vellore and Krishnagiri, deficiencies were found in administrative issues and treatment given to patients in several TB units in the District.

As per a World Health Organisation Report, included in the deficiencies are; a shortage of pharmacists and lab technicians in TB units, no provision of Directly Observed Treatment in several Designated Medical Centres, non-observance of proper Laboratory guidelines and variations in TB treatment. It was also stated in the Report that there was a lack of commitment and sincerity among the staff of TB units and the quality of supervision and monitoring by staff was very poor.


Divyakka said...

Add to that the deplorable unsanitary conditions. In Puttaparthi I was helping a lady diagnosed with TB. After she had been treated for several months, I brought the saliva sample to the small TB clinic (located in Enumulapalli village). After taking a small sample from the cup, they directed me to dispose of it by going out and around the building and THROWING IT OVER THE COMPOUND WALL. When I did as directed, a saw a huge pile of little sample cups with saliva still in them, along with garbage, needles, etc. Nearby a bunch of pigs were grazing, and some village kids were checking out the pickings too. A couple of hundred feet away was the village tank where everyone relieved themselves, bathed and washed clothes. Yikes!

Arunachala Living said...

Its strange that so much importance is always given to 'ceremonial purity' but so little attention on commonsense cleanliness and hygiene.

As to hospitals etc, here at Tiruvannamalai, with Rangammal Hospital, we have one of the cleanest and best maintained hospitals in South India. It sets an excellent example. Pity more places aren't like that!

Divyakka said...

You said it exactly - ceremonial purity as opposed to commonsense cleanliness. Happy at least in Tiru there is a wonderfully maintained hospital!