7 April 2007

Medicine Mountain

Sri Ramana Maharshi sometimes called Arunachala, 'The Medicine Mountain'. He used to say, 'For all ailments of body and mind giri pradakshina is good medicine'. And that it also helped keep the mind in a quiet and harmonious state. He once expounded on the greatness of the Hill by comparing it to a the mountain mentioned in the Ramayana.

'When Ramana, Lakshmana and their army entered Lanka,' he said, 'Indrajit, the son of Ravana, launched a very powerful arrow against them. The arrow caused even Ramana and Lakshmana to lose consciousness. Everyone in the army, except Hanuman became unconscious. Hanuman went back to India and returned with a whole mountain which contained the healing herb sanjivini. When the air which had touched this herb touched Rama, Lakshmana and their army, they were all awakened and healed.'

Sri Ramana concluded his story by saying, 'This Arunachala mountain is more powerful than that mountain'.

[Extract taken from 'Living By the Words of Bhagavan' by David Godman]

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