8 April 2007

New Accommodation

When one used to visit Tiruvannamalai, it was very difficult to get comfortable accommodation outside the major ashrams and a couple of Hotels near the Big Temple in town. Fortunately now things are very different and one could say that Tiruvannamalai is currently in the throes of a housing and accommodation boom.

These pictures are of Sri Ramana Maharshi's Old Age Peoples Home. It may have been the intention of Vara Lakshmi (the lady founder of the colony) to cater to 'old' people, however the compound is so beautifully maintained, well located and reasonably priced that it is generally heavily oversubscribed by all kinds of visitors, throughout the busy season. And only those who have booked far in advance are able to be accommodated. In the above picture you can see the wonderful view of Arunachala from the compound.

Vara Lakshmi (the founder) is a gardening enthusiast and very good at it she is too! Her lovely compound, although only a few years old, is already beginning to show the love and care that is lavished upon it.

A peaceful place in which to make a connection with Arunachala and also very convenient to the pradakshina road and Ramana Ashram.

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divyakka said...

That is indeed a beautiful place, no wonder it is overbooked far in advance!