24 April 2007

New Autorickshaw

Everyone who has visited India, is familiar with the autorickshaws plying in all the major towns and cities. Where would we be without them? Indispensable part of ordinary life. Tiruvannamalai is small but too big to move about entirely by walking. Nowadays the autos are getting bigger and fancier. This is one of the new models that are manufactured in Pune. Lots of legroom!

Whenever one buys something in this country, particularly if it is going to be used for business or transporation, its traditional to perform a puja at one's favourite Temple. This autorickshaw went through the 'puja' formalities yesterday and is now ready for the open road.

Its never going to look this good again!


Divyakka said...

"Its never going to look this good again!"

LOL! That was funny and sooooo very true!

Arunachala Living said...

It almost seems a pity to drive it around - it looks that nice!