7 April 2007

Swayambu Lingam

Once Sri Ramana said of Arunachala:

"This hill is not one which was formed at a certain time and which will be destroyed at another time. It is a Swayambu (spontaneously manifesting) lingam. The word lingam can be subdivided: 'ling' means 'union' and 'gam' means 'that which forms'. There are many other meanings for the word such as God, Atman, Form and Siva.

Swayambu lingams appear spontaneously as an act of God. They are not created or caused by any human or geologically-natural activity. This hill is not really on earth. All the heavenly bodies are attached to it. The name of that which is the source of both arising and subsiding is lingam."

[Extract taken from 'Living By the Words of Bhagavan' by David Godman. David Godman was born in England, in 1953. He attended Oxford University and becoming attracted to the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi, travelled to India in 1976. Since 1985 he has devoted himself exclusively to writing and research and to this date has published eleven books on Ramana Maharshi and is is regarded as the leading expert on the life of Bhagavan.

You can access David Godman's website at
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Anonymous said...

A grateful soulthanking profuselyabout this divine place! some one like me who was born and brought up in this divine place did not have the knowledge or vision to realize how fortunate am I to have born and brought up!
May Lord Arunachala Bless this world.