11 June 2007

Saron Church

Before visiting the Saron Boarding School for Boys, we first attended mass at the adjacent Arcot Lutheran Saron Church compound. The church is over a hundred years old and is large and spacious. The service was well attended and Rev. Daniel Jeyapathy performed mass and also gave a long and well received sermon.

Another view of Saron Church, Tiruvannamalai.

After attending mass, we then given a guided tour by Rev. Jayapathy Daniel, of the neighbouring Saron Boarding School for Boys, where we met and spoke with many of the young lads at the School. Later on we visited with Rev. Jayapathy Daniel and his wife at their home in the Saron compound.

Below is a photograph of Rev. Jayapathy Daniel's wife, who also studied theology, but who has not been ordained and is not a practising pastor.

Here we are upstairs in their apartment on top of the beautiful colonial house at the Saron compound. The house is over a 100 years old and has lots of old fashioned 'Tamil' touches, with verandahs, arched doorways, beamed celings and enclosed terraces. Rev. Jayapathy Daniel who has been pastor of the Arcot Lutheran Church and head of Saron Boys Boarding Home, Tiruvannamalai for the last 4 years, was previously Pastor (also for 4 years) northeast of Tiruvannamalai for 10 villages at Portonovo, near Cuddalore.

Below is one of the old fashioned ceilings (in the lovely colonial house) made from wooden rafters and tiling.

In the next photograph you can see the verandah which goes around the whole of the upstairs floor of the colonial house.

So our very nice day visiting at the Saron Boarding Home for Boys was finished off with a very delicious lunch with Rev. Jayapathy Daniel and his wife at their home.

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Divya said...

Sounds like a lovely tour with lovely people in lovely buildings. :-)