6 June 2007

Hail to Thee!

In a comment relating to an earlier posting on this Blog, a reader sent in the following poem, of which the below is only a small part. Would very much appreciate receiving full details of this beautiful poem.

Hail to Thee! O'Arunachala!

1. Countless lifetimes past
Was I Thy votary fast
Thou were my Source my all
As the world's allure did pall

2. But forgetful wretch that I art
I allow'd myself from Thee to part
Drifting from Thy holy refuge
Ag'inst my mind's deadly deluge

3. And toss'd and turn'd, steering alone
On seas whose fury Thou had'st borne
Claiming victory's freshness at every crest
To be dashed next moment in the tempest

4. Wandering lost in the desert of desire
Chasing the mirage of purpose's sire
Where fulfillment fanned flames first
As saltwater does a castaway's thirst

5. Strutting in ignorance of ignorance
In the darkness of Primal arrogance

Till at last with spirit vanquished
I called out desperately anguished

6. Pleading for surcease and relief
Petitioning powers with dim belief
Sinking, knees bent in fatigue and failure
I prayed despondent, in abject surrender

7. Lo! You blazed silent and still
As the Beacon from Eternity's Hill
A blinding flame cool and bright
From my Heartcave in thoughtless delight

8. Reminding me of our eternal connection
Silencing my senses with the recollection
Of the port of safety that always existed
In the depths of my being where "I" is fixated

9. Beguiling my mind with Thy innocent smile
Thou did'st feed me Thy nectar free of guile
Bewitching my heart in the dead of the night
You transfixed and consumed me in Thy Light

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