14 June 2007

Monkey Stuff

On my way through Ramana Nagar yesterday I pass mother and baby engrossed in some nice mango munching. Happy days for all the monkeys that live by their wits in the suburbs of Tiruvannamalai during the mango season. Read monkey games, to find out more about these naughty ones.

There are two types of monkeys in this area, the most common one is the gregarious Bonnet Macaque of these photographs, the other variety is the beautiful white, black faced Langur who prefers the secluded hill and countryside.

The Bonnet Macaque is a fearless, cheeky monkey often getting up to mischief and very clever in navigating its way in the urban sprawl it chooses to live in. Some colonies of this monkey live around the girivalam road and some on the Hill itself.

The safety of a mother's love!

The mangoes are in such abundance that this particular monkey takes a few bites out of one mango, throws it down and decides to check out the huge, stately mango tree for richer, more succulent pickings!

The below photograph is the view of the mango tree (back left) that is currently hosting an abundance of fruit. Arunachala is in the background.

I enjoy the naughty, Bonnet Macaque and always like to bring food with me during girivalam, to feed the monkey colonies that live at the side of the pathway. Please remember when feeding monkeys never throw food onto the road, throw it off to the side. Otherwise the monkeys lose their fear of the road which leads to sad accidents for them.

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Divya said...

What cute photos, thanks! I’d say the monkeys are pretty darn lucky in mango season!