27 June 2007

Murugan Shrine

Yesterday while walking near Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, I looked up at the small hillock spur of Arunachala that I regularly climbed when living in that area. Although it takes under 10 minutes to get to the top, it has one of the best views of Arunachala and the surrounding countryside. Very few people know about the Murugan Temple on top of the hillock and sitting up there is; quiet, private and inspirational.

I'm at the top of the spur and in front of me is the vel (spear) that is associated with Lord Murugan. In the distance is the water of Samudram Lake and lots of nice, open countryside.

The below photograph is of Lord Murugan, whose shrine is at the top of the hillock. Lord Murugan is Ganesha's (the Elephant God) brother and is particularly revered in Tamil Nadu.

Next to the shrine is a natural rock formation that many locals call 'Anjaneya' (Hanuman, the Monkey God) because it resembles the side profile of a monkey.

The hill spur is attached to the southwest foot of Arunachala. In the next photograph you can see part of the inner girivalam pathway.

This is the view of Arunachala from the Hillock.

Over the last couple of years there has been a rapid introduction of mobile phones into the area. Sadly with mobile phones goes telephone towers. Just pointing my camera towards the Ramana Nagar area, I can see 5 phone towers.

The next picture is of the developing residential area of Rajiv Gandhi Nagar. In the background on the left side is the big white auditorium of Yogi Ramsuratkumar Ashram.

The below is of the quarry which is slowly eating away at the Hillock I am standing on. To read more about this you can check here and here.

With my back to Arunachala and looking forward in all directions, I can see lots of unspoilt countryside. In the front is the rapidly receding waters of the 600 acre Samudram Lake, which fills and empties depending on the yearly rains.

To the west and away from the township of Tiruvannamalai and its ever-developing urbanization, lots of open spaces.


Divya said...

Beautiful photos! They make me want to run back to the Indian countryside.

Unknown said...

Very nice .. How wonderfully and perfectly you have analysed and described !