27 June 2007

Rudraksha Beads

According to scriptures, the Rudraksha bead was created from tears shed by Lord Shiva when the world was facing destruction. Legend says that tears from his eyes dropped onto the ground in different places on earth and produced Rudraksha trees. The bead's scientific names is Elaeocarpus Ganitrus and it comes in an irregular oval shape with clefts on its surface called "faces". Most of the Rudraksha’s powers are believed to be associated with the number of "faces" it has which can vary from one through 21, although four, five and six faceted beads are the most common.

The bead, which is widely used by seekers, is said to have electromagnetic power, which affects both the physical and mystical aspects of the wearer. The bead which is believed by some to regulate and formulate an individual’s consciousness and sub-consciousness, is like a transmitter that can tap into energy fields in a way that helps the wearer to compensate for energy depletion.

Vasthu Sastra Master, T. Selva states:

"Modern day researchers have proven that the bead has powerful electromagnetic, paramagnetic and inductive properties that vary according to the different faces. It creates specific electric impulses that are sent to the brain stimulating certain centres that then transfer information to the neurophysiology. This is the main way in which the bead has an impact on the human body.

These electromagnetic impulses can affect the heartbeat, blood pressure, stress levels and hypertension on a physical level. On the mental level, the bead's impulses can relieve anxiety, depression, mood disorders and neurotic conditions, while on the spiritual level, it promotes meditation."

When choosing a Rudraksha, the lighter the bead the better. The lines on the face of the bead should be clean and without any breaks. The Rudraksha should be worn around the neck on a gold or silver chain or on a cotton thread. It should hang low on the chest. The best time to first start wearing it is either on a new or full moon day.

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