25 June 2007

Tennis Courts

This is really good news for me a long standing tennis aficiando, who nowadays lazily likes to watch more than play, but maybe the new courts will give me the wakeup call to start playing again. Anyhow, first day of Wimbledon, is a good day indeed to get word that the Tamil Nadu Sports Development Authority is setting up two Australian style synthetic tennis courts at Tiruvannamalai at a cost of Rs 19 lakhs (i.e.U.S.$47,000). Although Tiruvannamalai already has a clay court in a governmental office complex, these new courts would be the first of their kind in Tiruvannamalai District.

The courts are being constructed in a newly inaugurated District sports building, located within the Master Plan complex. The tennis court enclosure will comprise two courts, mesh fencing and towering walls on either side, for players to practise. With the construction of walls nearing completion, the flooring work was already underway.

Construction work of the courts is expected to finish in about two months. Business establishments will be allowed to pay and make use of the courts and the multi-gym in the sports complex for their employees.

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Divya said...

Wow, cool! I love tennis too, but haven�t played probably as long as you. I would like to come there to Tiru once the courts are done, and play tennis with you! ;-)