28 July 2007

Animal Shelter Vets

Tiruvannamalai Animal Shelter:

Dr Milind Mhatre who is 29 years old and a resident of Maharashtra finishes his one month tenure at the Animal Shelter, Tiruvannamalai on August 3rd. Dr. Mhatre, a graduate of Bombay Veterinary College, specialised in internal medicine for his Postgraduate Studies at Gujarat Agricultural University.

This is Dr. Mhatre's first time in Tiruvannamalai and although he did not have enough the leisure in which to explore the area as much as he would have wished, he was able to at least climb to the top of Arunachala at the beginning of his stay. Dr. Mhatre who is a small animals veterinary specialist proposes leaving Tiruvannamalai on August 4th at which time he will return to his own clinic, 'Complete Pet Care', (0)9850465201 at Pune, (near Rajneesh Ashram).

Permanent Veterinary Doctor:

Dr. Pushpa Latha, who is 25 years old, joined The Animal Shelter, Tiruvannamalai on July 22, 2007 as the Shelter's permanent Veterinary Doctor. Dr. Latha originally hails from Tanjore but relocated to Chennai where she undertook her veterinary studies. She studied at Chennai Madras Veterinary College (Asia's Premier Veterinary College) where she undertook her Bachelors Degree and later her Masters Degree specialising in surgery studies.
Dr. Pushpa Latha worked as surgical assistant to Professor Jayaprakash at Chennai College for 3 years.

From Chennai she moved to Coimbatore to complete a 6 month tenure as Research Doctor at a 2,000 bird Poultry Farm facility. To take up the post of permanent senior Veterinary Doctor at Tiruvannamalai Animal Shelter, Dr. Pushpa Latha recently relocated with family members to this area. Although a native of Tamil Nadu, this is Dr. Latha's first time to Tiruvannamalai.


Shiva said...

Wonderful people they are!

Animals need people like them to look out for them.

I hope they can reach out to as many animals as possible in their lives!


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