22 July 2007

Arunachala Land

Arunachala Grace Network will often post news of land for sale, in the hope that the land will be acquired by a single owner (or independent group) who intends using the land for his/their own purpose. Our belief is land at Arunachala is sacred and we need to revere and protect it. PROPERTY DEVELOPERS OR SPECULATORS NEED NOT REPLY TO THIS POSTING.

In this respect we would draw attention to a very beautiful 7 acre piece of land available on the Northwest side of Arunachala. The land is well maintained agricultural land belonging to a local, independent owner who wishes to sell. This is the view of the mountain from the land.

The next photograph is the view of Arunachala from infront of the land's tree lined perimeter boundary.

The below photograph shows some of the land which is currently under cultivation.

Another view of some cultivated acres of the land with a range of Hills (Government controlled) at the back, which fall under 'protected land' category and cannot be built upon.

The land from another vantage point.

Water is in plentiful supply throughout the land.

Below is a photograph of the agricultural well and pump house on the land.

Below a picture of the land currently under paddy (rice) cultivation.

As previously mentioned the above land is approximately 7 acres and is currently owned by a private individual who wishes to sell. The area is very silent, secluded and perfect for a Retreat Centre or Ashram.

If you wish to find out more about this land please get in touch with:
arunachalameenakshi@rediffmail.com or call +91-944-3964710

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